About (English)

Arkitekturupprororet (roughly translated the Architectural Uprising or Architectural Rebellion) is a non-political grassroots movement against the continued uglification of our cities.

It started in 2014 as a Swedish Facebook community which now has over 60,000 followers  and has grown organically into an international network with many thousands more members in theme groups, local groups, and a growing number of chapters in other countries across the world (listed here).

As of 2016 Arkitekturupproret is also a registered NGO.

What does the AU protest against?

Primary concerns are:

  1. The blatant disregard from both developers, architects and government for what people want; for what is healthy, emotionally nourishing and socially sustainable. According to several studies, more than 75 to 80 % of prefer traditional architecture and what roughly equates to New Urbanism city planning ideals. We want this percentage to be reflected in what is being built and how it is being built. Today, not even 1 % in Scandinavia is built in traditionally inspired styles.
  2. Being offered the false dichotomy of a) overpriced neo-modernism in 50 shades of grey (major developers’ choice); b) overly playful deconstructionism (narcissistic starchitect’s choice); or c) a depressing combination of the two (where the developer lets the architect decorate a boring box with clashing primary colours, randomly placed windows and balconies, or scaled-up patterns with no connection to the shape, colour or style of the building). We want buildings that look like buildings and not like gigantic shoe boxes, toys or accidents.
  3. The continued destruction of our cultural heritage, in the form of a) resumed demolitions of 18th and 19th century buildings – which is especially shocking after the massive self-destruction of our city centers in the 1950s and -60s; and b) the building of new, brutally contrasting, infills, additions, and ugly high-rises in historical quarters, popular parks, picturesque medieval towns, and other sensitive areas. This is definitely not acceptable! 

Our Vision

After nearly a century of deprivation, we want to once again see timeless beauty, sensitivity, and variety in our built environments. It doesn’t have to be “old” looking, and we have no desire to go back in time either politically, culturally or technically. There are endless possibilities of developing new progressive styles in the classical or local tradition, complete with modern amenities. This is done all over the world, so why not here too? 

Who We Are

Our team, board, members, and followers, include people of all backgrounds, ages, genders, professions, and political views – united by our passion for beautiful architecture, human-friendly city planning, and conservation of what is left our cultural heritage.

How We Work

We strive to achieve our vision by:

  • creating public debate about our built environment and challenging the prevailing neo-modernist “taste monopoly”;
  • providing virtual spaces in social media for “ordinary people” to voice their opinions on contemporary architecture; share information and engage in activism;
  • highlighting examples of inspiring new buildings from other countries;
  • issuing an annual Swedish equivalent of the Carbuncle Cup for ugliest new building;
  • issuing an annual prize for most beautiful new building – if a worthy winner can be found;
  • initiating or supporting local activism against the demolition or distortion of buildings of cultural value or beauty, and against brutally clashing neo-modernism and deconstructivism in sensitive historical areas;
  • networking with classical architects, city planners, artisans, consultants, writers; researchers, conservationist organisations, and others who share our vision;
  • giving lectures and interviews, participating in conferences and public debates;
  • writing and translating articles, reviewing books, and more.

Contact us

Please visit this page to contact us.

Perhaps you want to start an affiliate group in your own country, or connect an existing group with the same goals?