Arkitekturupprorets styrelse nås via: info@arkitekturupproret.se

Vårt organisationsnummer är: 802504-5827

Arkitekturupproret har även en mycket aktiv sida på Facebook.

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One Reply to “Kontakt”

  1. So glad I am,that there is consiousness now to try to build beautiful building who are estetic to look at!Specially in Sweden are unfortunatly so less pretty city’s and villages left and I was always wondering why there is such a big difference between the many many beautiful old wooden houses in the countrysides ,who the most people prefer,and the city’s with the boring 70ties buildings and newer mostly unattractive buildings.Why build ugly buildings who no one likes (except theire architect)to look at ,instead of pretty and charming ones who almost everyone likes and feel good by looking at it?
    So I vote a big ‘yes’ to support the initiative of your group.
    Thank you for this!


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